Model H105

About the Model H105

Holton horns offer an alternative in design that creates a great experience for the young or advanced players. This kruspe model is the top model that holton makes offering a sound like no other with its bronze construction and interchangeable mouthpipe mechanism.


Holton's flagship model, the H105's technological and acoustical flexibility enables artisits to perform in a wide variety of situations and features superb performance and intonation. Its two interchangeable mouthpipes with unique tapers make it easy to switch between small chamber ensembles and large symphony orchestras. The large throat rose brass bell produces a rich, dark sound capable of increased volumes without being brassy. Detachable bell.

Tech Specs

Holton - Key of F/Bb, .468" bore, Farkas wrap, two detachable mouthpipes, 12-1/4" large throat rose brass screw bell and first branch, nickel silver branches and slide crooks, nickel silver slide tubes, reversible 4th rotor, mouthpipe waterkeys, tapered rotors and bearings, clear lacquer finish, Holton-Farkas MDC mouthpiece, CH105 screw bell case.